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What We Do

We promote and we teach free, essential 21st century skills to children, through the iBelieve CENTRE initiative.


In the works

SMArT classrooms construction for iBelieve Centre. Verification, validation and installation in needy communities.


Mobile Centres

To reach more communities in real time, we are introducing mobile iBelieve Centres; featuring classrooms in buses.


About Us

Stichting iBelieve international is a not-for-profit organisation, with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are dedicated to improving the living condition of children in underprivileged communities; irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, religion or status.

Our Mission is . . . doing the right thing for the "good of all."

We believe that "every child deserves a future."

A good future starts with a good education, therefore, good education should never depend on a child’s ability to afford it.

Our Vision is to have seven million underprivileged children educated and empowered with essential 21st century skills: STEM+CODE+Bilingual Skills by 2029.







Founder's Quote

The best gift for a child is education. by Ben De Wittman, Co-founder & Chairman.
Stichting iBelieve international.

Ways You Can Help

Funding from the founders cover much but not all of the needed organizations’s operations. We welcome all acts of generosity from kindhearted individuals, companies and organizations alike who believe that "every child deserves a furture" -- irrespective of family background or gender.


You can Sponsor the constuction of an iBelieve CENTRE or SMArT classroom for a community of your choice. This can be named after you or your company.

Donate To Help

From €5 to infinity. Your donations will help us to continue bringing FREE essential 21st century education to underprivileged children.

Become a Volunteer

We need more teachers in computer programing, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Languages (English or French).

Team iBelieve

Stichting iBelieve international is founded and primarily financed by De Wittman family.
De Wittman family believes that education-oriented solutions are key to
positive changes and that the future depends on our ability to educate the children
in the disciplines where jobs are available and where economic growth is feasible.

Meet some of our students

From different schools, with different backgrounds, gender and future ambitions, these children have one thing in common; to acquire essential 21st century skills.