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iBelieve CENTRE

The iBelieve Centres promote and teach essential 21st century skills to children. Our classrooms are SMArT, Mobile and Innovative -- created to provide free tutoring to boys & girls in underprivileged communities.

The iBelieve centres are offering after-school programs, that provide tutoring, activities and socialization. We believe it is a positive way to mold the children's time after school -- to be productive and fun at the same time, while creating incentives for the kids to learn how to read and write code.

The iBelieve Centres will develop children’s bilingual, computational and critical thinking skills, and show them how to create, not simply use, new technologies. This fundamental knowledge is needed to prepare them for the 21st century.








Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


Computer Programming

Bilingual Skills

French & English Languages

STEM + CODE Skills

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics STEM with emphasis on Computer Programming CODE are essential 21st century skills.

Evidence from recent studies suggests that lots of today's companies require 21st century skills that many of today’s graduates don’t have. Students need more in-depth knowledge of STEM with emphasis on CODE, plus the ability to integrate and apply that knowledge to solve the challenges facing our world.

Coding skill is an essential skill, regardless of future career -- doctor, politician, scientist, teacher, lawyer, entrepreneur, artist or engineer etc. ​Children who study STEM also develop a variety of skills that are essential for success, such as: critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation, communication, collaboration, and entrepreneurship etc.

Bilingual Skills

Bilingual skills can make children smarter. Learning another language can help to avoid dementia, strengthen cognitive skills, and heighten one's intelligence. Bilingual experience improves the brain's executive function -- a command system that directs the attention processes that we use for planning, solving problems, and performing various other mentally demanding tasks.

Languages not only enable children to expand themselves in terms of perspective and skillset, but they also open doors and help them better understand other cultures and increases openness to different types of people and backgrounds. Diversity is strength.

iBelieve Centre Classrooms

To meet requirements, we are developing several types of classrooms
for the iBieve Centre initiative. Please donate to sopport us.